Sara Malakul Lane

Sara Malakul Lane

Sara Malakul Lane is half Asian, half European. Her aristocratic Thai mother and an English father made the great combination and gave Sara that look she needed to become an actress with that B-movie benchmark. Do you remember that kidnapped (and frequently bikini-clad) daughter in a Steven Seagal movie? That is her! You should also remember her from her screen debut in Belly of the Beast (2003) or from Sharktopus (2010). If you want to see more, you should go to CELEBS PORN

Qi Shu


Asian actress Qi Shu comes from Taiwan and she is one karate-kicking hottie who got famous for her role in action films such as Sex & Zen II (1996) and Street Angels (1996). She is also well-known for her tamer trysts, such as Gorgeous (1999) and the French and English flick The Transporter (2002). Everywhere the camera captures her, she is gorgeous, tasty and very sexy! Find her hottest sex scenes at NUDE CELEBRITY


Olivia Cheng


Olivia Cheng is an exotic bilingual beauty who comes from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is one of the busiest actresses around since she made her film debut in Shanghai Noon (2000). She has been working in TV and film and you might remember her from shows like Supernatural, Psych, Arrow, and The Flash, as well as many others. Enjoy this beauty and her naked scenes at NAKED CELEBS

Lucy Liu


Asian love doll Lucy Liu stood out on a show the first moment she stepped in front of the camera. This sexy babe got and her sex appeal got transformed into star power, who had a major role in two well-known movies Charlie’s Angels (2000 and 2003). This mega-production movies started her carrier and you can see her in many other roles. Find her nude pics and scenes at CELEBRITY PORN



Current big-screen sultry star Charlize Theron is a former model who comes originally from South African. She has German heritage, but when you see her naked body you will think she got dropped directly from heaven! She has a perfect, symmetrical smile; a taunting, plump bottom lip and yellow-gold hair which makes her appearance even more sexy. Enjoy her movie roles and sex scenes at CELEBS PORN

Daphne Duplaix


Daphne Duplaix. has light coffee skin and her beauty is unforgettable. You will definitely recall her breakthrough appearance as the July 1997 Playboy Playmate of the Month! This creamy delight beauty and gorgeous body have filled amateur ethnologists of all races with wonder and hope. Watch her nude scenes full of passion, love and sexy flavour at NUDE CELEBRITY