Ruby Rose


Ruby Rose has been more known as a TV personality than an actress, but you will definitely remember her from TV series Good News Week. This role actually lead her into TV presenter positions, such as on The 51st Annual TV Week Logie Awards and Australia’s Next Top Model, where she was a judge… If you want to watch her stripping for the camera, go to NUDE CELEBRITY

Frankie Shaw


Frankie Shaw has made her acting debut in the gay short Night Swimming (2005). This former high-school basketball star was also in episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent and The Bedford Diaries. Her stripping scenes were in drama Explicit Ills (2008). If you want to find more about her naked scenes and other celebrity porn, go to  NAKED CELEBS

Melanie Griffith


Melanie Griffith is well known Hollywood star who has exposed her naked body on many occasions. You can watch her unspoiled exhibitionists which were done mostly in her youth age. You might remember her from post-adolescent documents as Night Moves (1975) and Joyride (1977) followed by many movies where she showed us her beauty… Watch more at CELEBRITY PORN

Liv Tyler

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You must remember Liv Tyler from Aerosmith’s “Crazy” video. Since then this beauty has been driving men nuts. Heavy (1995) was her big-screen debut , but she still didn’t show her heavy hitters. But it happened later that year in a slightly skinful spread in Playboy. But all fans could get a glance at her beauties in Stealing Beauty (1996). Since then, Liv had other movies where she exposed her naked body. You can watch all her naked scenes at CELEBS PORN

Alison Brie

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You might remember Alison Brie when she appeared opposite Miley Cyrus in a 2006 episode of the Disney Channel’s tween-targeted comedy Hannah Montana. A year later, Alison starred alongside Jason Voorhees himself, Kane Hodder, in the fright flick Born. In this movie she has showed her perfect B-cups and not many people knew they belonged to a body double. But soon she revealed her own… Where? You better find out for yourself at NUDE CELEBRITY